Far More Awesome

Far More Awesome

Our mission is to progress through content as efficiently as possible. As the guild is made up of adults with real world pressures our playing time has constraints. Mind you, we play the game far more then we should - after all this is an addiction. We liken ourselves to functioning alcoholics.

Yes we are addicts, but we push content! This is something we pride ourselves on. We do our best to be prepared, we openly communicate and we DO NOT do dumb shit - well, dumb shit happens sometimes, but not constantly, just occasionally.

Our plan for Legion is to push heroic raids and mythic+ dungeons in the near term while we build out a core of raiders that are dedicated to pushing mythic raid content long term.


Far More Awesome is a new guild. However our leadership has played together since Burning Crusade. We have always had success raiding a few nights a week - we were always ahead of the progression curve, at least up until the early days of Cataclysm. During Cataclysm the majority of us left the game but now we are back with a renewed interest to progress through Legion. Can you blame us, Cataclysm was really bad, then Pandas, WTF! Admittly MOP was pretty good, but a lot of folks couldn't get past the Panada factor, and never resubbed.

Raiding Philosophy

Currently we raid two set nights, Tuesday and Wednesday, 7:00 EST to 11:00 EST. As the guild starts to build out its core of raiders, and we start to push harder content we will extend our raid schedule to a third night, most likely Sunday evenings.

If you raid with us you are expected to:

  • Be on time, ready for the first pull at 7:00 EST
  • Play an optimal spec
  • Have a good attitude and a winning personality - just don’t be an asshat, k
  • Researched or know the encounters
  • Be in whatever tool we are using for voice
  • Have food, flasks and potions, enough to last you the night
  • Have DBM and any other addon that is requested of you
  • Be accountable to one another

If you are the type of person who gets upset quickly and rages, this guild is not for you - you sir are an asshat. Guess what, raids will wipe, things will not go as planned, people will do dumb shit, such is life. If your reaction is to get upset and throw a hissy fit when things go wrong, then this guild is not for you. Life is far too short to spend time with asshats, asshats will be removed with extreme prejudice.

Now If dumb shit happens a lot, we will work with whoever is doing the dumb shit, and we will figure it out. We will not yell or rage at anyone, and we expect the same from our members - it is about respect and decency. If the dumb shit offender continues to do the dumb shit after we have worked with them, then we will probably ask the offender to sit out until they are able to perform at level required or we so overgear the encounter that we can put up with their dumb shit.

At the end of the day we are looking for laid backed adults, who want to progress, are willing to learn and won’t constantly do dumb shit. If all of this sounds good to you, fill out the forum on the right side of this page and let’s get you into the guild.

Raid with us ...

We are always looking for exceptional players of any class - please feel free to apply.

Our current going concerns are:


Ranged DPS

Melee DPS